About the Combine:

The Boston Paintball Original "Combine" returns in 2020 as we continue to help players to be great and find teams! 

This January we welcome back BKi PROfessors Marcello Margott from San Diego Dynasty & author of PaintballIQ, Nick Slowiak from San Antonio XFactor & GoSports and special guest: TBA

The Boston Combine IS the biggest event of the year and such a well respected tradition. Players are paired by skill levels and get tips from each of our pro instructors while displaying their talent for local team captains for the chance to be picked up by or form their own teams! Even if you're NOT looking for a team, there is plenty you can take away from some of the best players in the game and we see it combine after combine, camp after camp. YOU and your willingness to learn and grow as a player is the biggest obstacle that will keep you from going where you want to go. 


Every year we find better ways to help players make connections and improve their overall skill sets - but with the acquisition of BKi School of Paintball last January, the program has seen a major upgrade.


Introduced this year and running at both the Boston and the National Combine - the Paintball Combine has created a quantifiable metrics system players can use to prepare & train correctly and measure improvement in each area.


The drills that we have chosen for this years event are designed to upgrade your range of skills by pointing out the practical need to be better, faster and more efficient with the way you play and how these drills can be applied to every aspect of your game. Paintball is not what it was when you first started playing, you upgrade your equipment - time to upgrade your skills. 

It's time to put NUMBERS to your own personal best and to CRUSH it the more you train. The system is here. 

Are YOU? 

This event is limited to just 64 participants and it is the ONLY event this year. You do NOT want to miss this. 


The date is: Friday January 10th 2020 at the Boston Paintball Chelsea location 


Check in starts at 3:30pm - event runs from 5pm - 11pm 


3:30 - Check In Starts 

5:00 - 9:00 Drills and Skills  

9:00 - 10:45 Scrimmages / Competition

Players will be grouped in heats. 

Heats will work through each set of drills (2 in each session) 

Every score will have a set of points attached to it 

Again - spots are limited and payment in full at time of registration is the only way to guarantee you will get in. 

Cost: $199.95 (plus tax) per player 

Includes: Access to the Paintball Combine Drills at BKi Paintball with Special Membership so you can train ahead and get that best score, Entrance into the Combine, Custom Event Jersey, case of 2000 paintballs, Autographed Combine Event Photo, Empire Lanyard & Committed Crew Card (replaces waiver for one year!) An evening of Pro Instruction, return field fee pass for either Ashland or Chelsea and a special event goodie bag with raffle tickets to various giveaways throughout the night!

If you would like to have your name put on your custom Combine 15 Paintball jersey - the deadline to register is December 1st. Players otherwise may register until the event is full and will receive a blank numbered jersey.